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Digital Marketing Training

SEO Training in Ahmedabad

Search Engine Optimization is a process of ranking your website on Google's first page on top 3 rank. This can help you get relevant traffic on your website and ultimately boost your business many fold. 

It is a process of On-page, Off-page and Technical aspects which is necessary.

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On-Page: In this segment you'll learn all important elements like Title, Description, Alt tag, Anchor text, keyword optimization, CTR, etc. Each and every element has a strategic place which will be taught in this segment

Off- Page: This segment deals in link-building activities. How to generate high quality back links for better ranking, searching for relevant website to get link. Disapproving a link is equally important and hence link audit is a main aspect of this part.

Technical SEO: Getting on technical side is equally important for SEO. This segment will teach about technical aspects of website such as site speed, server responses, redirects, etc.

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